Several horse enthusiasts prefer to buy Billy Cook saddles because of the outstanding quality and comfort that this brand offers.

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Moreover, each saddle features a unique work of art and impressive features that set it apart from other options in the market. Beginners and professional equestrians appreciate the remarkable appearance and overall quality of each Billy Cook saddle, which make this product an excellent investment.

Background of Billy Cook Saddles

The original saddles by Billy Cook were manufactured in Greenville, Texas. It was in this area where Billy had established his very own shop and produced custom saddle work, which were based from his patented designs. All of his saddles were handcrafted by professional artisans, and Billy had total control of every saddle that was produced.

Genuine Billy Cook Saddle Markings

genuine billy cook saddleOriginal saddles by Billy Cook have special markings that distinguish them from imitation products.
For instance, original ones include an etching on top of the saddle horn with the details “Billy Cook/ Saddlery/ Greenville, Texas”.

In addition, there is a leather stamp that includes the name of the maker (Billy Cook), place where it was manufactured (Greenville, Texas), and the model number. The serial number is stamped deeply in the leather located under the jockey, which also includes the year of manufacture.

During the late 1980s, Billy had to close down his shop and decided to sell his patents to the Longhorn Saddle Company. It was during this time that the maker mark was permanently changed to “Billy Cook Saddle Maker Sulphur, OK. These Sulphur saddles were primarily assembly saddles that come with the name Billy Cook on each.

They also include a “Longhorn Saddlery” tamp below the right jockey. Nevertheless, original Billy Cook saddles that were produced in the 70s and 80s, in Greenville, as still considered as one of the finest cutting and barrel saddles.

These contain authentic wooden rawhide-covered trees, as well as larger skirts and jockeys to distribute the rider’s weight more evenly.

Different Styles of Saddles by Billy Cook

The following are among the various styles of saddles by Billy Cook, which were made in Sulphur, Oklahoma. These come with distinct features that will suit any rider’s needs and preferences.

1. Barrel Saddle

Barrel saddles are available in different sizes, and they come with a suede-padded seat. There are also rough-out fenders and jockey, and a unique basket weave tooling. One of the best features of this saddles it that it fits most breeds and sizes of horses, and the product is built on full Quarter Horse bars. In addition, it is lightweight and has a deep seat for superb security.

2. Trail Saddle

The trail saddle by Billy Cook features a lightweight durable single skirt, padded seat with a 4 ½ -inch cantle, and in-skirt rigging for comfort during close contact. This product also includes front cinch, leather tassel ties, and full QH bars that come with a 7-inch gullet. Those who prefer long trail rides or loop rides around the arena will appreciate the sheer comfort that this saddle type offers.

3. Training Saddle

This Billy Cook training saddle has pre-turned fenders, and it is constructed on a great fitting tree. The saddle also has plenty of d-rings and silver conchos, and it comes with a 6 ¾ -inch gullet for ultimate comfort and durability.

4. Youth Show Saddle

The saddle has a stunning suede seat, front cinch, basket weave tooling and lots of silver details. Riders will appreciate this product because it is construction on a full quarter horse bar, which makes it suitable to use on a big horse. What’s more, there are several fender height adjustment options to ensure one’s comfort and ease during the ride.

5. Pro Reiner

This remarkable Billy Cook Pro Reiner comes in various sizes to meet the specific needs of riders. It is basically a dark oil reining saddle, which comes with a black padded ultra-smooth seat, handcrafted flower tooling and silver conchos. There are also pre-turned fenders and in-skirt jigging included in the product. This saddle is the finest Pro Reiner saddle, which riders can use for everyday riding or show purposes. It is made on a wood tree with full quarter horse bars including a 6 ¾ – inch gullet.
Moreover, it is designed with a one-of-a-kind in-skirt rigging for close contact with the skirt that is cut higher. Riders can also expect plenty of backward or forward movement in the saddle’s fender swing. With all these features, the saddle is indeed a fine choice for any riders.

6. All-Around Roper

This all-around roper by Billy Cook is sold in different sizes to meet the specific needs of riders. It also features an elegant suede seat, close-contact skirt, double drop riggings and pre-turned fenders. The product is certainly a brilliant option for those who look for a saddle that is easy-fitting and very comfortable to use even for several hours.

7. Classic Reining Saddle

The excellent thing about the classic reining saddle by Billy Cook is its fascinating details. For instance, it has a chic black leather-made padded seat, lots of swing for the pre-turned fenders, and a charming pocket. Among the other features that make this product quite stunning include the leather stirrups, silver conchos, basket weave tooling, front cinch and attractive butterfly skirt. This is indeed a gorgeous saddle, which may be used for everyday riding or shows. The pocket gives riders a sense of security while the fenders offers lots of swing to get one’s feet positioned in front or underneath. Furthermore, it comes with a beautifully-crafted butterfly skirt, which is perfect for closer contact with horses. Riders can also expect great comfort during the ride because of the excellent fitting tree of this saddle.

Bottom Line

Throughout the years, more and more people continue to rely on the outstanding features and great benefits that Billy Cook saddles offer. In fact, there is more that riders can expect from this brand, as compared with the others in the market because of the extraordinary details, superior durability and elegant designs of these saddles. By purchasing the best type and style of Billy cook saddle for their specific needs, riders can obtain great value for their money.